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Traits of a good relation
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 Relationships are difficult
Relationships are difficult, and couples must spend a lot of time trying to cultivate growth together and as individuals. Some people struggle and some couples seemingly make it work without trying. Regardless if it looks easy, all couples need to put a lot of effort into these five qualities if they want their relationship to succeed.

1. Trust
In any relationship, partners must trust each other and carry around any paranoia about dishonesty or deception. Luckily, when couples enjoy open communication, they build trust and the quality of the relationship will compound.

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 Infatuated with one another
2. Independence
When two people get together, they might become infatuated with one another and forget to lead independent lives. In the first few months of the relationship, this is usually not a problem. However, to have peace, couples must maintain their own separate and interesting lives. If they schedule a little time apart here and there, the couple will bicker less and appreciate each others’ company more.

3. Communication
Many problems in the world arise from poor communication. This is true in relationships, politics and just about every other aspect of life. Ideally, a spouse should never fear asking a question or voicing their true opinion. When speaking their minds, both sides of a couple should do so tactfully and respectfully (as opposed to speaking with manipulative, inflammatory words) to foster bonding and reconciliation.

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 Mutual Respect
4. Mutual Respect
If the power in a relationship is one-sided, it might be due to a lack of respect, which is a very difficult rift to mend. For this reason, couples must, from the start, respect one anothers’ opinions, ideas and pursuits to the fullest.

5. Passion
In many long-term relationships, the passion slows down as the years go by. This can spell disaster if the couple doesn’t remember that staying passionate for one another takes work. Keep the romance alive and enjoy a passionate relationship for many years to come. Remember, relationships are difficult and both people involved must try their hardest to make things work. But if you keep these five important qualities in your mind, your healthy relationship will thrive.

April Labarron is a native of Southern California. She has her BA in English/Literature from MSJC in Menifee, California. She views her freelance writing not only as a career, but as her passion. Other areas of interest include; movies, food, singing, soccer, traveling, shopping and a continuous desire for learning. Her career interests have ranged from veterinarian to a Brooklyn private investigator. She lives on her own and is accompanied by her Pomeranian named Elvis. She currently resides in Temecula, California.

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